rocking horse 002 Rocky T-8 days 001
Task force for Jace asked if we could make a rocker to help offset medical costs. We accidently built an extra one for Jace too.
Southern MN River Valley Girlscout needed a bridge for their "Bridging" ceremony.
Rocking Horse for St. Francis 2012 silent auction.
NPH orphanges needed help paying for their Christmas Dinner - They got it!
A wheelchair ramp was needed in Chaska fast. A week later it was being tested.
Re-cycle built for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, mostly from re-claimed / re-purposed materilas for just over $20.
Some of our projects
Rocking Cycle for St. Francis 2013 silent auction.
4 4 0 Rocking Train for 2014 St. Francis silent auction
Rocker Cycle for 2014 Saints Gala
Boy Scout Troop 316 One Hundred Toys
pilot program 2014
Rocker Cycle for S.T.A.R.S. 2014
Doll house for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity 2015 funraiser
Plinko game for MVHS
Rocker Cycle for Teddybear Den 2015 Funraiser
Rocker Cycle for Common Hope 2015 Fundraiser
A Minnesota non-profit corporaion helping local charitable organizations and the communities they serve